Friday, September 9, 2011

Free state review

Last year I wrote about my moving to New Hampshire. I would like to provide an update to interested parties.

I have heard some criticism of the free state project, mostly from people who don't live in New Hampshire. I was chatting with a friend when I was surprised to hear that a person who moved for the project was disappointed and was moving away. I joked with my friend: "was he not having fun?" We struggle for liberty in New Hampshire, we win, we loose, but we also have fun.

There are many aspects to the freedom and fun that we enjoy in New Hampshire: 1) Social 2) Agora 3) Political 4) Edification. Now you might not consider the political fun, but we have all types.

The social aspects of the project are absolutely wonderful. You meet some of the most dedicated folks. There is an amazing feedback loop. Your friends encourage you when you do good activism, and in turn spurs more activism. Ideas are tossed around, and good ones find support. In another post I'll give an example of the Manchester Freedom league, and how different people have spurred this idea at different times. People who have the respect of the community have a lot of resources in their friends.

With the strong friendships comes the agora. The agora refers to exchanging goods or services without the government being involved. This means no permits and no taxes. Ignoring the drug trade, the gross product of the free state agora is probably in the tens of thousands of dollars. We're on the cusp of being able to support full-time employees. A funny thing about the agora is that we have to teach each other how to be free. The state really kills creative thought, and together we spur each others' creativity.

The political activism has been slow to show rewards, but they do come. One clear victory that can be sited is the reduction of the state budget. The state budget that passed is $700 million smaller than last year. Seven hundred million in absolute terms, not a cut to some projection that can be manipulated. This represents a cut of six to seven percent. The payouts of this move will be in the years to come. There were also other victories which help change the environment in New Hampshire. Change the environment so that it is even more friendly to liberty in the future. If all successes were listed here, this article would be nothing but successes.

Edification has also been big in my life. Moving to New Hampshire has expanded my freedom. This yields the question: what will I do with this freedom? I plan to make my life better so that I can be the best person I can be. Freedom removes any excuse I may have not to be my best.

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Tom Ploszaj said...

Thanks Dan. I hope those that read this and future posts of yours may come and visit NH. Maybe some will decide to live a freer life here while others will do nothing but complain how we will not accomplish anything. To the latter I would suggest they visit Facebook, search FSP, NH Liberty links or just ask any of us for hundreds of liberty links that we are involved with to see the many things that are happening. There were over 60 activities with liberty activists happening last month. FSP out reach has NH Liberty activists in NYC tonight, Boston next Sat. and Washington, DC in Oct.