Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'd rather be black

I don't like the warring red,
or the blue that won't let me pay for a hospital bed.
I might like the post Nixon gold,
but I don't think I'll ever know,
unless you let me be,

I don't know much about eastern red,
but I know I don't want it stamped on my head.
The only way that I see,
that this can never be forced upon me,
is if all of us are allowed to be,

I'm not a fan of the Christian white,
and I'm not pink but I support their fight.
I might be a little green,
but I don't have time to explain what I mean.
For now I just rather be,

I have no ill intentions, no ill will.
I'm just expressing how I feel.
I'm just simply pleading,
that you will hear me,
and simply let me be,

I'm intrigued by the Spanish red and black,
but I don't know if I agree with that.
Please remove me from what you require,
and I'll be able to inquire.
For now I just simply want to be,

Remove me from your voting, get out of my life.
Let me see what your colors are like,
If I like them than I just might,
join you if I think you're right.
Till then I request to be,

I think we need,
to consider what we see,
because although I've never met a purple man,
it seems to be the law of my land.



Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate?

Daniel Tobas said...


Black means the absence of a government or political view.

Red- Republicans
eastern Red-communist
pink- I mean gay/homosexual but you might also think of the women's movement
green-I mean environmental, but you might also think green party.
red and black-Spain around/before 1940- today called libertarian socialist and it's not very libertarian.
Purple- Mix of Red and Blue or Royalty

The point is that I can't say really which one of these views is the best for me. With a democracy (in fact a republic) we end up getting a mix of these views and so it's hard to judge which one is better. We have one government that we are required to submit to. If I was able to choose what type of system that I supported. Choose what system I wanted my taxes to go to, then maybe we would all find a color or colors that make us most happy and we would all gain. I think that this would allow our governance to evolve and we would end up with better governance.

By calling my land purple I'm trying to imply that we end up getting the worst of both Republican and Democrat.

Anonymous said...

he's back, how about that?!