Monday, July 12, 2010

Prayer to the traffic light god

Traffic light god, traffic light god
Why, why, why?
Do you have any idea
what I could do
with, my, time?

I could be curing cancer,
proving a theorem,
I could be hugging a friend.
Instead I find myself
stuck here with you

Tonight I just want to get home.
The party was grand,
but it had to come to an end.
I knew all along,
that you’d be here
when I left my friends.

Traffic light god, traffic light god
Why, why, why?
Don't you think it's queer,
that with no one near
I sit here
behind, this, line?

It’s such a farce,
I know it’s safe.
It is safe but then,
I don’t want to meet
any of your
armed clergymen.

I’ll sit here,
and get home
I’ll submit to your demands.
I’m not giving you a penny of tithe
but I’m giving you unearned time
as per your command.

Traffic light god, traffic light god
WHY, Why, why?
You build a wall,
that I can't see.
What are you doing to me?

Or maybe it’s not you,
that I should blame.
You just sit there and stare.
It is me
that’s living free,
except when I see your red glare.

Are you broken?
It’s been a while.
and you’re still asking for more.
I’m sorry I must,
bid you adieu.
I’m pushing my other pedal toward the floor.


Anonymous said...

ado -> adieu
petal -> pedal

Daniel Tobas said...