Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Madman

There was a knock on the madman’s door. “We’re here to search your home,” they said to the madman. “Do you have a warrant?” said the madman. “If you have nothing to hide then you should let us search your home,” they said as they entered. The madman went to his wife to explain what was going on. The madman’s wife was much disturbed as her guns were seized. The madman ran into the street, “Where’s the fourth amendment? I seek a second amendment.” An old man in a rocker stopped rocking and said, “We have no amendments,” and resumed rocking. “Get in the car,” said a man securing the homeland. “The Homeland, das Vaterland,” thought the madman as he got in the car. “What’s the problem?” inquired the madman. “We have no problem,” answered the securer. The madman was made to wear and orange jumpsuit and thrown into a small cell. “Where’s my council? I seek council,” the madman wailed. “We have no council,” claimed a voice that the madman could not identify. The madman was drug into a room and made to look into a light. “Of what amendments did you speak,” boomed a voice.
“The amendments in the bill of rights of the Constitution,” explained the madman.
“To which constitution do you refer?”
“To the American Constitution, I seek America, I seek America”
“America is dead, America remains dead, and we have killed her.”

The madman sat naked on a concrete floor, slowly manufacturing orange strips of cloth. “I did not kill her, but we did,” he thought. The madman was briefly sane.

You have permission to copy this as long as you cite the author Daniel Tobas and this blog.

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